Saniman Professional
Professional NO-TOUCH column for Sanitizing Gel
NO-TOUCH is the reliable and safe professional hand gel dispensing system.
Manufactured to meet the concrete social need for protection, the NO-TOUCH professional system focuses on the need to sanitize hands in order to protect those who frequent high social gathering places (offices, restaurants, cinemas, bars, shopping centers, supermarkets, schools, high schools, universities, etc.).

The system consists of a solid column with photocell dispenser, designed to deliver SANIMAN PROFESSIONAL sanitizing gel. No contact with the device thanks to the no-touch regulator protects the user from any contamination.
Delivery is "smart" and controlled: thanks to the absolute accuracy of the photocell when providing the single dose, the user always receives the right amount of gel.
Consumption is also interesting. The system technology offers significant savings in the product used (over 30% in quantity) with consequent rapid amortization of the purchase cost and a significant reduction in waste and the use of plastic materials.
The device can be placed anywhere, thanks to the possibility of battery and cable power supply. It also has a sign with detailed instructions for hand washing.

The system is simple to install. Its installation can be performed and enabled by one person in less than 5 minutes, as well as gel refilling and maintenance are designed to ensure extreme practicality.
An assistance service on the national territory completes the framework.
The NO-TOUCH system was designed starting from a strategic partnership with TD-GROUP, a leading company in the hygiene and sanitation industry..