Sanitizing detergent gels

Saniman 100ml
delicate perfume

Sanitizing detergent gel with calendula extract and glycerine for rapid action.
Use it at home, in your car, in the office or in any other place where you need fast hand sanitization.
Compact, practical, pocket-sized and handy for all needs.
Saniman Kids 100ml
Sanitizer for children
aloe and camomile

The sanitizing gel designed for kids to safely protect their little hands.
Cosmetic formulation tested on sensitive skin, enriched with aloe and camomile extracts, delicately scented with a sweet talc allergen-free fragrance.
The sanitizing detergent developed for the little ones* does not stick but is fast-absorbing .
For frequent use, at school or at the playground.

* not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
Pocket Gel

Saniman pocket sanitizing gel 100 ml

Saniman kids pocket sanitizing gel 100 ml
your protection at hand, always
A handy gel bottle holder with hook made of resistant, waterproof washable and reusable textile; equipped with a closure on top to easily replace the gel bottle when empty.
The bag can be hung up on backpacks, bags and belt loops: a practical system to easily sanitize your hands, avoiding any contact with the objects in your bag/backpack/pockets before sanitization.
Hand spray sanitizer - 100ml
with Aloe Vera

Hand spray sanitizer in a handy 100 ml bottle. The perfect solution to sanitize your hands effectively without dehydrating them thanks to the antiseptic action of alcohol combined with the hydrating action of its natural active ingredients.
The Aloe extract with its soothing and retexturizing properties and the glycerine content leave your skin silky at any time.
With its special rapid-absorption formula, this essential to protect your hands when outside the house is also the ideal solution to sanitize your mask when needed.
Multi-purpose SOS spray sanitizer - 100ml
small surfaces and fabrics

Multi-purpose spray in a handy 100 ml bottle to quickly sanitize small surfaces, fabrics and jackets.
The ideal solution to sanitize small surfaces and other objects such as keyboards, desks or car seats. The "smart" sanitizer to carry with you at all times.

Saniman 500ml

Sanitizing detergent gel with calendula extract and glycerine for rapid action.
Maximum effectiveness in just a few seconds.
Large format to use at home, in the office and in public places.
Thanks to the softening glycerine and the calendula extract with soothing properties, Saniman Gels are indicated for frequent use, at any time of the day and respect the skin of your hands.
The fresh and delicate perfume with deodorant action of the gel gives a pleasant sensation.