Saniman hand sanitizing detergent gels

They sanitize hand skin and ensure deep and effective cleansing, just in a few seconds.
Our next generation gels with a wide range of activities are formulated to guarantee safe sanitation whilst respecting your skin thanks to specific active ingredients. Their sanitizing action is ensured by the presence of alcohol over 70% by volume* in compliance with the directives of the Italian Ministry of Health as well as the Ministerial and EU directives.
* Declared 60% by weight.

silky hands

Thanks to the softening property of Glycerine and the soothing properties of the Calendula extract, Saniman Gels are recommended for frequent use, at any time of the day, and they respect hand skin. The fresh and delicate scent of the gel with its deodorizing action provides a pleasant sensation.


  • safe and effective formula
  • rapid action, just a few seconds
  • with softening and soothing extracts
  • gentle with the skin
  • instant drying
  • concentrated, Just a little is needed
  • non-sticky
  • for frequent use
  • no need to rinse
  • delicate scent
  • handy container
  • made in Italy

Our company, traditionally operating in the industry of alcohol-based fragrances and cosmetics, has decided to make a concrete contribution to the emergency COVID. To this end, we have decided to convert part of our production lines to offer effective and safe, delicately scented Saniman-branded sanitizing gels.

We have thought to offer a product not only essential for this moment, but also perfectly in line with the quality values of our cosmetic tradition. Saniman sanitizing gels leave the skin soft and scented with a light fragrance of flowers and medicinal herbs with a long-lasting feeling of freshness. These features make our gels the ideal sanitizer to use for your protection at any time of the day.
It contains over 70% alcohol by volume (60% by weight declared)


Our production chain is Italian and we carefully select the raw materials produced and certified in Italy.
Our laboratories are constantly committed to finding the most effective ingredients to guarantee maximum safety whilst respecting the skin.

The Saniman team

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